Our Partners

EDM Victoria

EDM specialise in wire-cutting and fine CNC machining. EDM manufacture our upper and lower receivers amongst other things. They run Masak 3, 4 and 5-axis machines.  An extremely talented local Australian family business. Feel free to contact them with any of your requirements.

Milners Repetition

Milners specialise in CNC turning producing our cocking handles, spring guides and assorted other small parts. Great friendly service, always striving towards perfection. Please feel free to contact them here.


FETHA specialises in wire-cutting and CNC machining. FETHA manufactures our trigger groups and our break-open latch. FETHA offers a great service from machining individual parts to complete assemblies. FETHA can be contacted here.


Campagno are the largest organisation that supply our products. They meet ISO 9001 standards and have a complete measuring facility in house. They offer complete CNC machining services as well as CNC turning. Visit their website here.

SLR coatings

SLR Coatings are the Australian distributor for Cerakote, offering a fantastic product and service. They also have a training facility to teach people the art of spraying cerakote. They can be contacted here.

Boss Tooling

Boss Tooling is proudly an Australian owned small family business established in 2013. They are a manufacturing company that specialises in CNC Machining and CAD Design. They can be contacted here.


Whilst in Brisbane doing armoury work on the Netflix series ‘Tidelands’, I stumbled across a series of articles about local small businesses in the in-flight magazine.
One of them was about Adina watches, a father-son business just like Warwick Firearms – which also started within a year or two of when Warwicks started.

It was clear from reading the article that Grant Menzies of Adina was extremely passionate about his business but even more so about his watches Australian content.  Well, we feel exactly the same about our rifles, so after about 6 months of getting my website right and business in a good position, I sent an email off introducing myself, our business and my idea for a ‘milspec’ watch inspired by the Rolex ‘Milsub’.

The wish list for the watch were that it had to have their best swiss automatic movement, sapphire crystal glass, be waterproof for diving, have fixed pins for a nato band and be extremely strong for the harshest of work environments.  I also mentioned that we were Cerakote, ceramic paint, applicators and that the new Elite series would be perfect for this application.

I could not have hoped for a more positive and enthusiastic reply.  Anyone who knows Grant, would know that was a given, but I did not know him as I do now.  He said yes, so on my next visit to Brisbane a week or so later I went in to meet face to face, see the state-of-the-art assembly area, meet Bob – Grants father – and discuss how it all works.

So 18 months later, we have a newly designed watch body, cerakoted in a range of the Elite series. The internals are second to none and the external finishes are beautiful. Many man hours go into each watch and we are all very happy with the result.

I am proud of having spent some time in the army reserve and I wanted a trade badge for the band so I had one made.  We are now making other trade badges to order for other customers that have asked about them.

If you would like a watch with your special trade badge, we can completely customise this for you.  Please contact us if this is something you would like, to make your watch mean a little bit more to you.


Scott Warwick