WFM4LVC (Low Visibility Carbine)

The WFM4LVC is based on the proven M4 rifle. The quality and durability of the WFM4LVC puts it in a class of its own.

This product is available for official military and law enforcement contractors only.

The WFM4LVC is an integrally suppressed, fully automatic firearm designed for law enforcement and military use. Based on the Proven direct impingement M4 carbine, the LVC offers unsurpassed quality and refinement.    Built from the finest materials, on Australian owned and operated CNC machines, the LVC can be tailored to any needs. 

The LVC can be optioned in several ways, including barrel length, suppressor length and suppressor design. 

New developments in 3D printing allow Warwick Firearms to be very agile in design changes, keeping up with the ever-changing designs.

If your department would like to discuss prototyping designs, we can help.

The LVC can be fitted with all AR after market accessories.