Warranty & Returns

Faulty/Defective Products/Warranties

WFA manufactures from some of the finest materials available and maintains quality control. All warranties are covered as long as Warwick Firearms Australia is still in business. Consumer guarantees under Australian Consumer Law, the WFA1 rifle comes with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law.  Please check this page regularly to remain aware of changes to our policy.

Should a WFA made internal product including barrels leave our facility and be found to be defective it will need to be returned to be assessed.  Should the part be faulty through a machining process, not neglect, poor handling or abuse then it will be replaced free of charge up to 2 years from the purchase date.  Anything after this date can be looked at but is outside the warranty period.

Major components like the upper and lower receivers have a 10 year warranty against defects from manufacturing processes. Incorrect handling, poor maintenance and abuse will void this warranty. All warranty items will need to be returned for assessment prior to replacement. Return freight to WFA will be at the buyer’s expense.

Any repairs or modifications to the rifle that are carried out by any persons or companies other than WFA will void any warranties on all products. 

Field stripping beyond a basic field strip (see owner’s manual) will void any warranties. Barrels changed without the correct tools (see owner’s manual) will void any warranties. Using the rifle for a task other than its intended use will void warranties. Corrosion occurring from incorrect storage or poor maintenance (see owner’s manual) will void warranties. Rifles can be returned to WFA for a complete armourer strip, clean and check. Please contact WFA for current prices.

WFA insists unprofessional servicing of firearms is unsafe and will not be responsible for accidents arising from these activities.  WFA also considers regular cleaning and basic maintenance to be a must and will not be responsible for accidents arising from neglect of these duties.  It is expected that all purchasers read the supplied owner’s manual, follow its safe handling procedures, follow its maintenance schedule and treat the firearm with respect.  WFA will not be responsible for accidents arising from neglect of these tasks.


If it is agreed that WFA is responsible for the replacement of a product we will email you our full address and postage options. Returns will need to be done through the dealers address but it will not need to be transferred into their books. All items must be returned well packaged and preferably in the original packaging for its safe return. Additional damage during return transit through poor packaging will not be covered by WFA. Any information pertaining to your fault/defect should be included with the product so we can better understand why it’s faulty and rectify the issues as timely as possible.